Light of the World, Thy Beams I Bless

Congregational singing
Metropolitan Tabernacle, London
Light of the world, Thy beams I bless;
On Thee, bright Sun of Righteousness,
My faith has fixed its eye;
Guided by Thee, through all I go,
Nor fear the ruin spread below,
For Thou art always nigh.
Not all the powers of hell can fright
A soul that walks with Christ in light;
He walks, and cannot fall:
Clearly he sees, and wins his way,
Shining unto the perfect day,
And more than conquers all.
I rest in Thine almighty power;
The name of Jesus is a tower
That hides my life above;
Thou canst, Thou wilt, my helper be:
My confidence is all in Thee,
The faithful God of love.
Wherefore, in never-ceasing prayer,
My soul to Thy continual care
I faithfully commend;
Assured that Thou through life shalt save,
And show Thyself beyond the grave
My everlasting Friend.