Grant Us Thy Light

Congregational singing
Westminster Chapel, London
Grant us Thy light, that we may know
The wisdom Thou alone canst give;
That truth may guide where’er we go,
And virtue bless where’er we live.
Grant us Thy light, that we may see
Where error lurks in human lore.
And turn our doubting minds to Thee,
And love Thy simple Word the more.
Grant us Thy light, that we may learn
How dead is life from Thee apart,
How sure is joy for all who turn
To Thee an undivided heart.
Grant us Thy light, in grief and pain,
To lift our burdened hearts above,
And count the very cross a gain,
And bless our Father’s hidden love.
Grant us Thy light, when, soon or late,
All earthly scenes shall pass away.
In Thee to find the open gate
To deathless home and endless day.